Dear all,


Life is a journey sometimes without guide. It’s quite difficult to find out the path of success to be honest. Yes, We dreamt big in Madrid by knowing that dream without goal is just dream. We know every failed experiment like we had for Istanbul is one step closer to success in the future. Now, we Turkish Guides will connect the dots and work for the next one.

On the other hand, success in the life journey depends on consistency we are aware of that. That’s why, we, as TKTC, did intend to create a worthwhile relationship between international and local guides in Turkiye that substantial investment is needed. We accept that will take some time. We did what we feel passionate about. We will do that again.

In Madrid 2022 February, I got a bit grayer there. I knew that taking risks is not just about for going a bid, it is also about knowing what we know and what we don’t know. The matter was about being open to people and to ideas which I had a lot during eight days.

I remember an old saying “if you hang around the barbershop long enough sooner or later you going to get a haircut” Eventually, we will hang around WFTGA Conventions which have chances for exchanging the experience, extending the network, helping each other even if you are competitors, and seeing different guiding approaches and with their aspects.

I want to thank to all who made possible this convention in Madrid, either by creating the chance or by participating; President Aluscha, past EXBO Members, especially we shall admit that Sarah, Sebastian and Administrator Sonya, their efforts were impressive . To behalf of Spanish Guides, I want to thank Spanish Treasurer Juan Ignacio Vasquez, President Almudena, Filipe, Maria, Rosa, Eliza and many others. During our competition who shared the same dream with us, Eliza, Valeria, Grace, Roger and Japan team members I’m honoured to know you all guys. And of course i shall mention dear Turkish guides living in Madrid Aynur and Derya who stand with us in our info desk for hours. Also, I am very glad to know friends from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, Portugal, Austria.. I am honoured to meet with my dear posttour friends; Amelie, Demetra, Wang, Helga, Pavlina, Olga, Julia, Ulrich, Ariene, Gene, Gerd, and their families.

Although there is a bunch of names to thank particularly i want to mention two more names; Steve Mcauley and Michael Dillinger. Your encouragments and valuable supports truly appreciated. Turkish Guides will remember it gratefully.

Dear fellows, my association members and I, do promise you that we will protect the legacy of WFTGA in Turkiye and will work to expand the reputation of our Federation worldwide. We will run until giving an unforgettable convention not only consist of food but also with deep history, and incomparable culture with memorable events in the future.

Truly yours.

Hasan Baris Partal